Columbus 5.36

Alternative file searching engine with advanced capabilities
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Find any file or folder that you're interested in on your computer or on connected devices. Search across multiple drives in the same go, create custom lists of folders to search through and find files based on their name, size, date of creation or even content.

Superior in nature, Columbus is so easy to use it will blow you away! Are you frustrated and tired of trying those other lame PC search programs then your luck is about to change. Access your files fast with this state of the art file and text finder. Columbus is so accurate it will find virtually any file from any drive or folder, including multiple drives, a custom list of folders, or any combination there of. With multi-composite logical text searching or just straight keyword searching you will be able to find what you are looking for in a snap. With full integration into the Windows shell, a complete set of file commands, and a bunch of extras like printing, exporting and full project support you will wonder how you ever got along with out it. Download your copy of Raxso Columbus now and start using it today! The download comes complete with our exclusive hybrid Setup utility which will install the correct files for Windows 98 through Windows Vista. Also included is a full Cleanup utility so you risk nothing. Try it for 30-Days and if you are not completely satisfied simply remove it from your computer.

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